SSEF Mentorship Program

Our Vision

  • Our mission is to provide children and young adults with professionally supported, one-on-one mentoring relationships that change their lives for the better.


  • Educate individuals about various career choices
  • Initiate positive change within our community
  • Increase motivation and confidence in our youth by unlocking their potential
  • Create unity, service and inspiration within our community

Mentor Benefits

  • Guide the future generation into successful career
  • Help cultivate leadership skills through one-on-one interactions with the mentee
  • Gain personal satisfaction by supporting our community

Mentee Benefits

  • Explore potential career paths
  • Develop yourself as a leader
  • Begin personal development (Social, personal and professional)

Become a Mentor

Become part of a network of mentors and be matched with a young adult or your peers and share your insight, expertise, and professional experience to help them achieve their goals.

What does it take?

Dependability, patience, flexibility and most of all, a commitment to a young person's success.

Please review the following guidelines and expectations:

  • Commitment: At least 4-6 months dependent upon mentee's area of interest or career path.
  • Communication: Contact with the mentee is expected to occur at least once a month through a mutually agreed-upon method.
  • Consistency: Stay in touch with your mentee and demonstrate your interest through being an active listener.

Become a Mentee

Why you should sign up for a mentor:

    • Create a lasting and supportive relationship with a positive role model
    • Be connected to resources and events
    • Increase your motivation and confidence
    • Unlock your potential and get help goal-setting

Mentee expectations:

    • Stay in touch with your mentor and demonstrate your interest through being an active participant.
    • Determine a few goals towards your own personal development through participation in this program.

We believe that all youth should have the opportunity to succeed in life and live up to their full potential.